Ashlar and the previous Fleming variations of equipment and web site are currently under transition and construction to better serve our existing and new customers.

Ashlar has acquisitioned and now owns all old thru current rights, data and engineering of any and all Mixer, Molds, Casting Machines (Eagles, MF3's, MF4's, Patio Kings, ect..), Batch Systems, Specialty Equipment and Parts to supply current and future customers. It is our Goal to keep Customer Service a priority as it has been since Ashlar started over a decade ago. We have our experience which started with the old Fleming Days, and refined with commitment Ashlar has developed with our own customers.

Ashlar Machinery & Service, Inc.
Now to further assist old and new customers with the additional resources of the former Fleming Mfg
former Reid Fleming Industrial, LLC
former Reid Industrial, LLC

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Reid and Its Predecessors------60 years Operating In America's Heartland
In everything we do, we pledge honesty and reliability

American Made


  • Updated Machine Products Meet International Performance And Quality Standards; Reasonably Priced
  • Big Board Casting Machine Working Area 1400x1100 Or Greater (SCROLL DOWN)
  • Oversize Specialty Machines For Structural Products (E.G., Reinforced Beams And Lintel- Span Lengths Up To 16 Feet);
  • Dry Side De-Stacking; Pallet Return; Kiln Loading And Unloading
  • Automatic Mold Changing Systems
  • Complete Turnkey Wet Cast Lines
  • Parts And Service
  • Molds, Precision Cores; Mold Wear Parts: For KVM, Tiger, Besser; Columbia; Fleming, OMAG/Hess/MASA.
  • Premium Automation Systems Engineered To International Standards Achieve Exceptional End Product Quality; Maximum Output; Minimum Labor Overhead; Plant Operations Feasible With 4 (Or Fewer) Skilled Personnel
  • Special Features – Advanced Color Blending; Face Mix;
  • Pneumatic In-Plant Raw Materials Distribution (Cement And Color Pigment);
  • Product Specific Packaging Lines.
  • Turnkey Design And Installation For Complete Plants;
  • Custom Design (Complete Plants);


Specialty Products: NEW: COMPLETE WET CAST LINES; AUTOMATIC PALLET SYSTEM; Products and Systems for General Manufacturing Industry; Agriculture; Mining: Materials Handling; Mobile Gantry Crane Systems


NEWS: Contracts Pending Panama Canal Zone and Caribbean; Turnkey Pellet Mill;stern U.S.; Specialized Refractory Raw Material Batching


We Developed The “Big Board” Machines And Their Predecessors - Ranging From A Simple 1m X 1m To A 16 Foot Lintel And A 1400 X 1 M Fence Machine And The Excell 1400mm x 1100mm

BIG BOARD 1400x1100 Big Board Block/Paver Eagle Excel

  • 40 years of design and development of large board machines, including most recently the Excell 4048 (2005) and the Eagle 4836. (2011). The hallmark of our machinery is the range of product heights and weights it can produce., with design capability for 48’ by 48” erosion slabs weighing 1600 pounds.
  • Nominal Moulding Area: (1400 mm) (57”) side by side (1100mm) (45”) bfront to back .
  • Casting Area: 55 inches 1350 mm) x 42 inches (1030 mm).
  • Product Height Range: 0.75 inches (19mm) to 12 inches (305mm).
  • Nominal Pallet: 57 inches (1400 mm) x 45 inches (1100 mm)
  • Approximate machine weight: 30,000 pounds less the HPU.
  • Hydraulic Motor: 75 hp (56kw).
  • Lower Vibrator: 50 hp total (37kw) with rapid (<0.5sec) engagement and removal.
  • Upper Vibrator: 11.6 hp (8.6kw).
  • Hydraulic Pump: 75 GPM (164cm^3/rev) with temperature controlled tank heater and return line cooling.
  • Hydraulic Accumulator: 10 Gal (37.85 liter).
  • Large hydraulic line sizes for rapid cycle rate.
  • Head and mould strip torsional equalizers for uniform mould motion and alignment.
  • Roll in track travel and reversible rotary feed box agitator system for rapid mould filling.
  • PLC Operator control interface with diagnostic messages.
  • VFD Controlled Upper and Lower Vibration

This Machine Fits The Bill For Speed, Accuracy, Substantial Output: >42,000 Sq. Feet Of High Density Pavers Per 8 hr. Shift Our Machines Routinely Operate 21 Hours Daily/6 Days Weekly Diverse Product Range : 12 Inch Meter Boxes; 8 – 10 Inch Retaining Wall – Thick/Thinset (20 mm)Pavers Power and Precision: Corner to Corner Accuracy to .5 mm Quick Change Mold System Touch Screen Controller/Ethernet Port for Offsite Trouble Shooting

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